Psychology and Socionics
of Interpersonal Relationships - journal issue 9-10/18

  • N 9‑10 (189‑190)

  • September - October

  • 2018


Practical Socionics

Popova G.A., Krivo Yu.A., Krivo N.E.

Complementarity of the physiological method by Yu.A.Krivo and the aspect-dichotomous method by Bukalov-Karpenko: convergence of results

The case of determining the type of informational metabolism of a teenager by two methods is considered: by Yu.A.Krivo — testing of physiological properties of functional systems, and by Bukalov-Karpenko aspectally-dichotomous with the use of interviews, observation of behavior taking into account the contextual situation. Excerpts of the interviews with their socionic analysis of the active aspects for determining the type of information metabolism of a teenager are presented: the sensory-logical extravert (FL). Both methods showed convergence of results, which indicates their reliability and the possibility of wide application in socionics, psychology, physical culture and health technologies and sports
Keywords: socionics, world parameters, macro aspects, aspect-dichotomous method, physiology, functional systems, physiological reaction.

Ramenskaya J.P.

Olkova's method as an additional tool in the socionic diagnosis of children and adolescents

The article describes the peculiarities of using socionic methods in diagnosing children and adolescents, identifies the main difficulties that arise in the course of diagnostic work with children of preschool, junior school and adolescence, substantiates the need for additional methods to clearly define the sociotype of the child. Also, the main hypotheses concerning the origin of information metabolism are considered. Experimental work was carried out. The goal was to confirm or refute the hypothesis of Olkova [11], according to which, the aspect of information that was most active in the mother's perception during pregnancy becomes the pain point of the model of the child's psyche. Our study, based on an analysis of the written essays of mothers (pregnancy), confirmed the hypothesis, and also determined the prospects and directions for further research.
Keywords: socionic children's diagnostics, information psychology, Olkova's method, children's socionic typing, perinatal psychology.

Personality Psychology

Eslyuk R.P.

Characterology: a system of basic radicals of character

The author presents the structural-character theory of personality developed by the author, combining on the basis of structural system analysts, characterological radicals, individuals' identities, levels of structural organization of the individual.
Keywords: differential psychology, personality psychology, characterology, structural-character theory of personality, character radicals, structural models, system objects analytics.

Mathematical Methods in Socionics

Minaiev Yu.P., Datsenko I.P., Pinda M.V.

Formalized designations for intertype relation operators instead of Augustinavichiute–Liashkiavichius table

This article is the fourteenth in a series devoted to organization of student studies, where they will learn mathematical apparatus of socionics. This time there will be no traditional exercises. Attention will be focused on the justification of the possibility and necessity of introducing formalized designations for intertype relation operators.
Keywords: socionics, mathematical formalization of designations for intertype relation operators, bipolar traits.

Socionic Portraits

Taratukhin S.A.

Type entered into the game. Verification of the French actor Jean Gabin as SLI

The socionic type of the French actor Jean Gabin is investigated. It is shown that it belongs to the type of sensory-logical introvert (SP, SLI).
Keywords: Jean Gabin, sensory-logical introvert, manifestation of typical properties, verification of socionic type, socionics reading book.

Problems of Socionic Education

Bashko M.A.

Vizualization of 16 socionic types in matrix

The matrix of socionic types as a way of simplification for understanding and visualization of their structures
Keywords: socionics, matrix, matrix of psycho-types, psycho-type, visualization, jung, scheme, type structure, analytical psychology.