Psychology and Socionics
of Interpersonal Relationships - journal issue 7/14

  • N 7 (139)

  • July

  • 2014



Mitrokhina A.L.

Features of the eighth function of socionic type

Psycholinguistic and behavioral analysis shows that demonstrativeness, backgroundness and instrumentality are the different modes of the eighth function in the dual relations. Their choice and inclusion depends on the specific changes of the information flow on aspect, on the individual situational request from the dual partner, and on the need to give it a short, but important recommendation.
Keywords: socionics, type of information metabolism, psychology, dual relationships, information model of psyche, model A.

Beletsky S.A., Beletskaya I.Ye.

Reinin traits and A-model

It is shown, how the psychological maintenance of the Reinin treats is connected with the known psychological maintenance of aspects and blocks of information model of mentality by A.Augustinavichute (A- model).
Keywords: socionics, Reinin treats, information model of psyche, type of information metabolism, psychical functions.


Kozin R.A.

Babylon or Socion?

The fundamental questions of socionics and methods for determining socionical type are considered. The advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to this problem are discussed.
Keywords: socionics, personality type, temperament, theory of functional systems, neuropsychology.

Language and Semantics

Zavgorodny V.O.

Cumulative activities and folklore

The connection between the concepts of constructive building in mathematics and a special role to play for mental and cognitive processes in children is detected. It is given the illustration of construction of various objects in folklore, including fairy tales.
Keywords: socionics, intuition, intuitionism, tale, cumulative.


Evdokimov Y.Y.

Feedback in esoteric and religious doctrines

The article deals with the principle of feedback — positive and negative — in the popular esoteric teachings, as well as in the Bible.
Keywords: systems approach, negative feedback, positive feedback, esoterism.

Speaking for Oneself

Mikhalyak P.P.

Socionics: personal experience

The purpose of present article is to acquaint with A-model, and also to discuss experience of the concrete person applying the recently received socionic knowledge at the analysis of the life experience, personal relations, relations in working collective, and human relations, and the subsequent changes in perception of itself and circumferential.
Keywords: socionics, intuitive ethical introvert (IEI, TE), base function, creative function, role function, point of the least resistance, suggestive function, referential function, restrictive function, realizing function, temporal intuition, ethics of emotions, .