Psychology and Socionics
of Interpersonal Relationships - journal issue 7/10

  • N 7 (91)

  • July

  • 2010



Talanov V.L.

Socionic Criteria "Constructivism-Emotivism", "Tactics-Strategy", "Compliance-Obstinacy" and "Carelessness-Farsight": Physiological Interpretation and Psychological Manifestation

The opportunity of reliable definition of TIM under psychological questionnaires with use of multistage procedures of symmetrization of statistical structure of the data is shown, on a material of several hundreds questions the content of Reinin criteria is analysed. Constructivists are counterbalanced on logic and are not counterbalanced on ethics, emotivists - on the contrary. Tactics are counterbalanced on sensorics and strategists - on the contrary are not counterbalanced on intuition. Compliants are "weak" on ethics and "strong" on logic, obstinate - on the contrary. Careless are "weak" on sensorics and "strong" on intuition, prudent - on the contrary. Poles of criteria coincide with well-known partial properties of nervous system which are going back to Pavlov physiology of higher nervous activity. Psychophysiological methods are offered for direct diagnostic use in socionics. Identical connection of extra/introversion of the individual with simultaneous strong- or weak- signality its both dominating functions is shown. The role of hippocamp and tonsils of a brain in formation of Reinin criteria is discussed.
Key words: socionics, Reinin criteria, properties of nervous system, steadiness of nervous system, force of nervous system, psychophysiology, physiology of higher nervous activity, extraversion.

Problems of Family

Efremova V.V.

Socionic Approach to Upbringing of a Child on the Example of Dual and Conflict Relationships.

This article will be interesting and useful for all parents, who want harmonious relations to reign in their house, who want their children to become self-sufficient wonderful people, loving themselves and parents.
Key words: socionics, model A, intertype relationships, dual relationships, conflict relationships. parent, child.

Integral Socionics

Yermak V.D.

Modeling of Societal Psyche

Based on the socionic model, the author proposes an information metabolism model of a non-random group, such as working collective, ethnos etc.
Key words: socionics, information metabolism model, societal psyche, non-random group, nation, ethnos.

Socionic Portraits

Rozova M.Yu.

Poet Yesenin and TIM "Yesenin"

The purpose of this work is to examine, whether informational metabolism type "Yesenin" corresponds to its prototype - poet Sergei Yesenin. The analysis of poems and letters of S.A.Esenin on 12 Augustinavichute-Reinin criteria, 4 small groups and 8 functions of model A leads to conclusion that informational metabolism type of Sergey Esenin was intuitive-ethical introvert ("Yesenin").
Key words: socionics, informational metabolism type, diagnostics on texts, Augustinavichute-Reinin criteria, small groups, model A.

Health Psychology

Litnovskaya N.A.

Meridian of Fate and Success

Connection between the complex of psychological qualities, determining the developed emotional intellect, which facilitates social adaptation and achievement of success, and meridians of human is considered.
Key words: psychophysiology, acupuncture diagnostics and correction of personality, Y.Nakatani, O.Kuzmenko, I.Sechenov, I.Pavlov, W.Wundt, emotional intellect, meridians of man.


Shulman G.A.

Principles of Researches and Teaching on the Example of Socionics

The article formulates a number of the principles, which can be used as methods of scientific cognition, presenting results of researches and teaching. Numerous examples of realization of these principles are given.
Key words: socionics, psychology, philosophy, physics, comparison, regularity, principles, research, beauty, harmony.