Psychology and Socionics
of Interpersonal Relationships - journal issue 6/10

  • N 6 (90)

  • June

  • 2010



Beletsky S.A., Beletskaya I.Ye.

On Informational Metabolism Types and Personal Meanings

Different components of personality are analyzed from psychological and socionic points of view. Distinction between psychological and socionic characteristics of personality is shown, that must be taken into account at writing of descriptions of informational metabolism types, diagnostics and consultation. Informational metabolism type is considered as the tool, which realizes personal meanings.
Key words: socionics, psychology, informational metabolism type, A-model, psychical functions, Jung criteria, Reinin criteria, personality, bent, capabilities, character, motives, personal meanings.

Socionic Methods

Shlaina V.M.

Application of Socionics in Different Forms of Psychological Help

Aspects of application of methods and ideas of socionics in psychological consultation, psychotrainings in psychotherapy, transact analysis and in psycho-correction work are considered.
Key words: psychotherapy, socionics, type of an information metabolism, psychological consultation, the psychological help, cognitive psychotherapy, transact analysis.

Psychotherapeutical Issues

Reutsky M.V.

When to Sell Services of Psychologist?

This research is an attempt of marketing analysis of demand for services of psychologist in modern society. The seasonal peculiarities of demand for services of psychologist are examined on the basis of the factors of external environment, dynamics of psychophysiological processes in the human organism, development of personality and sociopsychological conditions.
Key words: psychology, psychologist, psychological services, market, demand.

Health Psychology

Litnovskaya N.A.

Features of Thinking and the Potential of Personality

Influence of thinking on emotions and state of health is considered. Connection between domination in the human organism of the certain internals-systems and ways of thinking is described.
Key words: psychophysiology, thinking, personality, emotions, physiological reactions, psychosomatic manifestations, method of Nakatani, medicine of Ancient China.

Integral Socionics

Yermak V.D.

The Integral Type of Societal Psyche

A systematic approach towards and modeling of societal psyche in non-occasional groups is considered. It is shown that from an abstract standpoint the structure and mechanism of functioning of societal psyche in non-occasional groups can be rightfully represented with the same models as those for personal psyche.
Key words: socionics, sociology, psychology, system, target, management, structure, function, informational parameter.

Problems of Identification of Socionic Type

Tikhonov A.P.

Empirical Research of Testing Methods of TIM-Identification

It considers results of an empirical research of validity and reliability of the well-known testing methods of TIM-identification: D.Keirsey's test, S. Nakrokhina's test and the method developed by the author in cooperation with N.Bezgubaya and I.Lapina.
Key words: personality, structure of personality, socionics, communicative model, empirical research, psychology.


Shulman G.A.

Principles of Researches and Teaching on the Example of Socionics

The article formulates a number of the principles, which can be used as methods of scientific cognition, presenting results of researches and teaching. Numerous examples of realization of these principles are given.
Key words: socionics, psychology, philosophy, physics, comparison, regularity, principles, research, beauty, harmony.