Psychology and Socionics
of Interpersonal Relationships - journal issue 7/09

  • N 7 (79)

  • July

  • 2009



Rudneva Ye.V.

Ethnopsychological Description of Adaptation of Servicemen, Passing Service on Conscription

Personality qualities, adaptation capabilities and correlation between them for servicemen, passing service on conscription and belonging to different ethnoses, are analyzed.
Key words: military psychology, collective, adaptation, ethnos, mentality.

Person and Machinery

Bukalov G.K.

Informational Metabolism Type of Technical Objects

The possibility of determining informational metabolism type (IMT) of technical objects (machinery) is demonstrated. Technical terminology and stages of technological process find their correlations in terms of informational metabolism functions. IMT of two technical objects, a shuttle loom and a watch, are determined as examples.
Key words: socionics, machinery, technical object (machine), informational metabolism type model.

Practical Psychology

Ayzenvarg L.G., Ayzenvarg M.L.

Magic of Memory, or Eydetica

Basic principles of eydetica (science about images, related to practical psychology) are described. The issues of development of attention, positive thinking, imagination, vivid memory, intuition are considered. The ways of development of creative capabilities, the methods of preparation to examinations and the methods of fight against stresses are offered. Attention is paid to work with a book, lectures, to creation of a compendium.
Key words: eydetica, right hemisphere of brain, attention, vivid memory, positive thinking, imagination, intuition, creation, visualization, relaxation, learning, health.

Socionic Methods

Shepet'ko Ye.V.

Analysis and Classification of Intertype Relationships

Intertype relationships are analyzed, classified and ranged by levels of comfort. It is proposed to describe the intertype relationships in terms of four simple qualities: Mutual Help, Mutual Understanding, Control and Conflict.
Key words: socionics, intertype relationships, comfort of relations, Mutual Help, Understanding, Control, Conflict.

Person and Society

Gulenko V.V.

Russian Reformer from the Viewpoint of Socionics

Peculiarities of the reformation epoch in Russia in the beginning of the 19th century are considered. Definition of socionic types of Paul the First, M.Speransky, Alexander the First and Nikolai the Second is given. Specifics of inter-relations between the second and third quadras is discussed, and a concept of pentade - an arrangement of four types around the central fifth - for the purpose of socionic modeling of the social environment, is given.
Key words: socionics, social crises, reforms, Russia, quadra, pentade.

Socionic Portraits

Ushakova N.Ye.

Determination of Socionic Type of Marina Tsvetayeva

The poetess Marina Tsvetayeva is proved to be a representative of the socionic type ethical-intuitive extrovert (ET).
Key words: socionics, psychology, poetry analysis, poetry, Marina Tsvetayeva, ethical-intuitive extrovert.

Nemirovsky A.A.

Socionic Analysis of Creative Work and Personality of Marina Tsvetayeva

Analysis of personality of the poetess Marina Tsvetayeva's reveals her to be a representative of the socionic type ethical-intuitive extrovert (ET).
Key words: socionics, personality psychology, psychological analysis of poetry, psychical functions, informational metabolism type, ethical-intuitive extrovert.