Psychology and Socionics
of Interpersonal Relationships - journal issue 10/09

  • N 10 (82)

  • October

  • 2009


Psychotherapeutical Issues

Shekhovtsov S.V.

Mental health. Culture of Psyche

The problem of mental health, urgent under the modern conditions of the information overload of psyche, is analyzed. The culture of psyche is considered as a way to the formation of own mental health.
Key words: psychology, health, body, psyche.


Talanov V.L.

Physiological Mechanisms as the Basis of Criteria: Intuition vs. Sensation, Tactics vs. Strategy, Rationality vs. Irrationality

The research demonstrates possibility of reliable determining of all the 15 Reinin's criteria using answers of respondents to psychological questionnaires. Psychological contents of Reinin's criteria and the socionic types have been revealed in projection on statements and generic clusters of these questionnaires. An algorithm of determining types by questionnaire with building an individual type profile and emphasizing the primary type with equal usage of all the 15 Reinin's criteria has been developed by the author. The research demonstrates possibility of testing types using only 11 "weak" Reinin's criteria. Correlation of socionic criteria by a formula of their multiplication has been proved by the experiment in course of which two criteria engender the third one. At the same time, high residual degree of independency of each criterion from the other 14 criteria (about 60% of free dispersion) has also been demonstrated. Character of correlations between the criteria has been studied, modeling functions are proposed. Physiological "backbone elements" of Reinin's criteria have been found. For example, strengthened biological instincts and inclinations is the backbone of the Strategic pole while strive for research and orienteering activity corresponds to the Tactic pole. The balance of rationality and irrationality corresponds to balance between neocortex and hippocampus. A hypothesis is proposed that irrationals correspond to I.P.Pavlov's "weak" types. For Intuition and Sensation a neuro-mediatory balance model has been substantiated, where 5-OT activity is predominant for sensing types and AX-activity for intuitive types. The pole of "decisive" types is characterized with egocentrism and aggression etc. It has been proved that the regard of non-linear interaction allows revealing the only possible vectors of factor axes in the psychological space, which should adequately reflect real integral physiological mechanisms of brain.
Key words: socionics, Reinin's criteria, intuition, personality factors, testing psychological types, psychological diagnostics, psychology of individual difference, brain physiology, neural science, psychophysiology, neural system characteristics.

Socionic Methods

Shekhter F.Ya.

Characteristics of the Bouquet Small Socionic Group

The A-model and Reinin's criteria are used here as the basis for investigation of correlation of characteristic traits of Reinin Bouquet small socionic group to superego, cooperation and congenerity relations in four variants.
Key words: socionics, Reinin groups, Reinin criteria, extroversion, introversion, static, dynamics, logic, ethic, rationality, irrationality.

Gulenko V.V.

The Socionic Model: Structure, Functions and Blocks

The Model A, its structure and appropriate mental levels (informational, social, psychological, physiological) are considered in details. The model functions are described in terms of the concept of dimensionality of functions.
Key words: socionics, model of informational metabolism (model A), mental levels, function of informational metabolism, dimension of functions.

Integral Socionics

Bukalov A.V.

The Basic Principles of Integral Socionics

The basic principles of integral socionics are formulated. The integral types of information metabolism of collectives, organizations, nations, ethnic communities and states, as well as their psycho-informational structure and interactions are considered. The methods of describing types of ethnic groups and states are considered in the ethnic socionics as the component of integral socionics.
Key words: integrated socionics, ethnic socionics, integral type of information metabolism, mentality of ethnos, model of information metabolism.

Problems of Education

Rumiantseva A.E.

Socionic Analysis of Pedagogical Situations

Variants of pedagogical problems resolving in pedagogical systems are considered from the viewpoint of the theory of informational metabolism.
Key words: pedagogical system, pedagogical problem, communications, interactions, inter-relations, aspect structure of situations

Person and Machinery

Bukalov G.K.

Informational Modeling and Prognosis of the Development of Textile Technic

There was shown a possibility of the definition the type of the socionical model in the system "a person - a loom" and applying this model for the prognosis a development of the system.
Key words: socionics, type of informational metabolism, type a system "a person - a loom", prognosis of the development