Psychology and Socionics
of Interpersonal Relationships - journal issue 2/08

  • N 2 (62)

  • February

  • 2008



Lomonosova Ye.K.

The Process of Human Birth, Basic Perinatal Matrices and Informational Metabolism Type

Within the bounds of the research work performed in Dobrye Lyudi (Good People) Social Adaptation Center symbols and images of the Basic Perinatal Matrices first described by S.Grof (restored recollection of the child's own birth experience) have been discovered in course of detecting informational metabolism types in folk tales. From here a hypothesis of correlation between the so called basic perinatal matrices (BPM) and informational metabolism types (IMTs) has arisen. The author's methodology of Unzipping Psycho-Energetic Memory (UPEM) allowed starting research in this field. The methodology allows recollecting one's own experience of birth in either direct or symbolic sensations, which in turn allows determining at which BPM the patient is fixed. Knowing his informational metabolism type, it is easy to make correlation between the BPM and the quadra. Preliminary results of the research confirm the correlation between the informational metabolism type and the BPM.
Key words: process of birth, basic perinatal matrix, informational metabolism type, symbol, archetype, image, folk tale.

Socionic practical training

Beletsky S.A.

How to become necessary for a "self-sufficient" man with the type ethical-sensory introvert

The dual relationships between a man with the type ethical-sensory introvert (ESI) and a woman with the type logical-intuitive extrovert (LIE) are analyzed. Recommendations to the women, concerning acquaintance and adjustment of relationships with a man with the type ESI, are given.
Key words: socionics, ethical-sensory introvert, logical-intuitive extrovert, dual relationships.

Socionic Methods

Gulenko V.V.

Levels of the Communicative Space

The functional-typological socionics scheme and the communicative space theory are proposed on the basis of structural-functional analysis of technical systems by G.Altshuller. It's different levels are considered.
Key words: functional socionics, socionic type, communicative space, structure of scientific knowledge.


Pavlov D.O.

On Names in Socionics

Based on ideas of semiotics and communication theory two classes of denotations applied in the socionics are described. They are systems of the formulas and the names. Further historical analysis allowed us to select the most widespread systems, whereupon their detailed analysis has been done, which results in the necessity of reevaluation of the problem of denominations in socionics.
Key words: socionics, socionic type, nomenclature, designation, formula, name, denotation, pseudonym, functional-role system, Myers-Briggs typology, semiotics, communication theory.

Socionics in nursery

Udalova Ye.A.

On Research of Origin of Socionic Type

Problem of origin of socionic type of person is analyzed. Research of origin of socionic type, conducted by Ye. Olkova, and the hypothesis put forward by her are described.
Key words: socionics, psychology, genetics, informational metabolism type, mother, child, pregnancy, twins.

Olkova Ye.V.

Origin of Socionic Type

Results of research of origin of socionic type are described. The hypothesis that informational flow aspect, which was the most active in perception of mother during pregnancy, becomes the place of the least resistance (the painful point) of socionic type of the child is put forward.
Key words: socionics, psychology, informational metabolism type, model A, informational flow aspect, mother, child, pregnancy.

The Female Face of Socionics

Men'shova T.I.

Labyrinth, or Unfinished Searches for the Entire Apple (Intuitive-Logical Introvert)

In the literary form the image of a woman - representative of the type intuitive-logical introvert (ILI) is described.
Key words: socionics, socionic type.