Psychology and Socionics
of Interpersonal Relationships - journal issue 4/06

  • N 4 (40)

  • April

  • 2006



Ivanov D.A.

The Problem of "Normal" and "Pathological" Consciousness (Informational and Analytical Survey)

The article analyzes the concept of 'consciousness' from standpoints of various philosophical schools as well as psychology and psychiatry. The problem of balance between the conscious and unconscious is discussed, psychopathological diseases of consciousness are described.
Key words: consciousness, self-awareness, unconscious, philosophy, psychology, psychoanalysis, psychophysiology, psychiatry.

Lemeshev O.G.

On Structure of Attention

In this work a model of the informational metabolism process is constructed from the viewpoint of psyche processes aimed to elimination of uncertainty and entropy, to organization of an individual's system of psychic activity in the process of attention.
Key words: algorithm, attention, individual, information metabolism, information, modeling, object, irritant, reaction.

Afendik A.L.

Socionics as a Theory of Forecasting of Human Relations

An experimental methodology for practical verification of the socionic hypothesis of existence of a scale of agreeability of intertype relationships is proposed. Strict correlation between theoretical and practical (ex-pert's) evaluation of intertype relationships quality has been discovered.
Key words: socionics, psychology, compatibility, intertype relationships, social psychology, family.

Kameneva I.P.

C.G.Jung's Youth: Choosing the Mission

The article discusses biographical data of C.G.Jung's youth (the period between graduation from a gymna-sium till beginning of his work in psychiatry). It analyzes Jung's reflections, experience and dreams that led him to his choice of a psychiatric career.
Key words: dream, personality, shadow, medicine, philosophy, psychology, psychiatry.

Socionic Methods

Reinin G.R.

Morphology of Small Groups

Typology and classification of socionic small groups is considered from the viewpoint of bipolar attributes. All possible divisions of the Socion by four consisting of pairs of orthogonal attributes are considered. Two classes of small groups, homogeneous and non-homogenous, are distinguished.
Key words: socionics, typology, small group, bipolar attributes, intertype relations.

Churyumov S.I.

On the Modeling Approach in Description of Psyche

Different options of representation of the psyche informational model are considered, together with peculi-arities of its functioning.
Key words: socionics, psychology, psyche informational model, psyche function, informational metabolism function, processor.


Kuznetsova A.V.

Yin-Yang Philosophy and Socionics

An attempt is made of describing socionic types through fundamental archetypes of Yin-Yang and their combinations.
Key words: socionics, information metabolism types, Chinese philosophy, archetypes, Yin-Yang, extroversion, introversion.

Problems of Human Psyche Evolution

Bukalov A.V.

Language and Its Evolution: a Quantum-Mechanic Approach

Based on consideration of the phenomenon of language and speech as a quantum wave process, new linguistic laws of evolution of the all languages from a single ancient language are proposed. It has been shown that the formal-comparative and the semantic approaches in studying of languages as paradigms reciprocally eliminate each other, according to the author's quantum principle of complimentarity between the formal and semantic aspects of human thinking and the corresponding objects' descriptions.
Key words: monogenesis, language, quantum principle of complimentarity, formal and semantic description, linguistics, psyche, thinking.