Psychology and Socionics
of Interpersonal Relationships - journal issue 12/06

  • N 12 (48)

  • December

  • 2006


Socionic Methods

Shulman G.A.

The Coefficient of Relative Intensity of Intertype Relationships - the Third Dimension

A detailed description and a proper calculation procedure of the notion of the volumetric coefficient of relative intensity of intertype relationships are given. It is shown on the basis of sample socionic types that the particularities in intertype relations manifestations from the position depend from relevant type position within the periodic system of the socion (PSS).
Key words: socionics, Model Yu, informational metabolism types, intertype relationships, periodical system of the Socion, the coefficient of relative intensity of intertype relationships.

Socionics in nursery

Ovcharov A.A., Meged V.V.

The Socionic Analysis of the Stages of Psyche Development According to J.Piaget

Correlation is proposed between the four stages of psyche development according to J.Piaget with the four basic Jungian psychological criteria: intuition (aptitude for abstract imaginative thinking), sensation (concrete world outlook), thinking (objectivity of judgments), feeling (subjectivity of judgments).
Key words: psyche development stages, intuition, thinking, sensation, emotions, feeling.

Mathematical Methods in Socionics

Yefremov Ye.Yu.

Dimensional Structure of Informational Flow Aspects

The article considers thoroughly combinations of Reinin dimensions and dimensional structure of informational flow aspects, personality types and intertype relationships.
Key words: socionics, psychology, Reinin traits, dichotomic dimensions, information aspects, type of information metabolism, intertype relationships.

Analytical Psychology

Kameneva I.P.

Psychical Energy: Symbols and Metamorphoses

C.G.Jung's ideas on psychical energy are considered in the context of his psychoanalytical experience set forth in his work Libido, Its Metamorphoses and Symbols. Symbols of psychical energy indicate the direction of its movement from the mother to other objects and images, which in general reminds dynamics of Kundalini energy in Tantra Yoga. In A.Augustinavichiute's model the scheme of informational metabolism of each type determines specifics of its energetic potential and in separate cases also aptitude towards certain esoteric practices.
Key words: symbols, consciousness, unconscious, archetypes, psychical energy (libido), system of Chakras, psychical functions, informational metabolism, energetic metabolism, mental loop, vital loop, socionics.

The Female Face of Socionics

Men'shova Т.I.

On the Main Square With an Orchestra, or Recipes From Nonsense (Logical-Sensory Extrovert)

In the literary form the image of a woman - representative of the type logical-sensory extrovert (LSE) is described.
Key words: socionics, socionic type.


Nevidoma Ye.Ya

Socionics and Astrology

Parallels between socionics and astrology are considered. Analogies between kinds of astrological aspects, dimensionality of informational metabolism functions and time are researched.
Key words: socionics, astrology, dimensionality of informational metabolism functions, time.

Litrovnik Ye.L.

Model of Psyche as a Body of Relations

A 16-component model of psyche as a body of relations is proposed. All vital psychical dramas and human problems may be described as transformation of contents of psychical functions in this model. Practical technique of building and application of such a model is proposed.
Key words: socionics, psychology, model of psyche, body of relationships, suicide, neurosis, informational metabolism type, psychical function.