Psychology and Socionics
of Interpersonal Relationships - journal issue 2/04

  • N 2 (14)

  • February

  • 2004



Weisband (Onufrienko) I.D., Lytov D.A.

Collective Self-Portraits. Intuitive-Ethical Extrovert

The article presents generalized comments of people belonging to the socionic type intuitive-ethical extrovert (Huxley, Psychologist) to the description of this type compiled by I.Weisband in 1985 according to opinions of its several representatives.
Key words: intuitive-ethical extrovert, generalized description, psychological self-portrait, psychological type, socionics, informational metabolism type, experiment.

Meged V.V.

Characteristics of Representatives of Biological Accentuations of the Socionic Types

The article presents detailed descriptions of biological accentuations of the socionic personality types: Visionary, Foreteller, Winner, Epicurean, Pro. Correlation of these biological accentuations with Leonhard's accentuated personalities is considered.
Key words: socionics, psychological type, bioaccentuation, accentuated personality.

Bukalov A.V.

On the Four-Level Model of Type

A 4-level socionic model of the informational metabolism type is proposed, which includes, in addition to the mental and vital loops, also informational loops of the superconscious and physical levels.
Key words: socionics, informational metabolism model, superconscious level, mental level, vital level, physical level.

Socionic Methods

Prokofieva T.N.

Semantics of Aspects

Semantic fields of the informational metabolism aspects, their manifestations in language and speech of the socionic types are considered in details.
Key words: socionics, psychology, intuition, logic, sensation, ethic, informational flow aspect, semantics, speech.

Shulman G.A.

Sixteen Sixteenths

Sources of Aushra Augustinavichiute's Socionics, primary concepts of the informational metabolism typology, structure of psyche of the socionic types, its components, elements of relationship typology, psychological portraits of the types, and rules of survival.
Key words: Socionics, personality psychology, psychological types, psyche functions, psyche structure, informational flow aspects, extroversion, introversion, rationality (judgment), irrationality (perception), thinking (logic), feeling (ethic), sensation, intuition, structure of the psyche according to Jung's model, intertype relationships, structure of intertype relationships, psyche informational model.

Aushra Augustinavichiute

Two Vertations

The models of informational and energetic metabolism in organism and psyche, as well as processes of information processing in model A, static and dynamic, mental and vital, are considered.
Key words: socionics, informational metabolism, power metabolism, information structure of mentality, mental aspects of psyche, vital aspects of psyche.

Socionics and Phylosophy

Churyumov S.I.

Socionic Approach to Typology of Philosophical Systems

Application of the informational metabolism theory (socionics) to the study of structure and typology of philosophical systems of Descartes, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Kant etc. is considered.
Key words: socionics, psychological type, philosophical system, Descartes, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Kant.


Karpenko O.B.

What Are We Talking About?

The multidimensionality of the human psychical structure implies that the manifestations of the socionic type (informational metabolism type), which most exactly correlates with the mental dimension, is influenced by projections of other dimensions. This determines variations of the type, e.g. in the form of subtypes. Attention is paid to transpersonal and perinatal aspects of formation of psyche of the human and his socionic type.
Key words: socionics, psychology, temperament, informational metabolism type, mental plan, karmic pattern, basic perinatal matrices, chakra.