Psychology and Socionics
of Interpersonal Relationships - journal issue 12/03

  • N 12 (12)

  • December

  • 2003



Weisband (Onufrienko) I.D., Lytov D.A.

Collective Self-Portraits. Intuitive-logical extrovert and Logical-intuitive extrovert

The article presents generalized comments of people belonging to the socionic types intuitive-logical extrovert (Don Quixote, Searcher) and logical-intuitive extrovert (Jack London, Entrepreneur) to the description of this types compiled by I.Weisband in 1985 according to opinions of its several representatives.
Key words: intuitive-logical extrovert, logical-intuitive extrovert, generalized description, psychological self-portrait, psychological type, socionics, informational metabolism type, experiment.

Meged' V.V.

Psychical-informational Accents of the Type (Psyche Accents)

An individual as a bearer of the informational metabolism type (TIM, IMT) can be additionally characterized by the type accents, biological and psychological, which allow determining his psychical and informational structure more exactly. Different variants of the types and accents are described for the purpose of further improvement of testing practice.
Key words: socionics, psychological type, type accent, testing, temperament.


Reinin G.R.

Knowledge and Information

The notions of 'world picture', 'information' and 'knowledge' are considered. Information seen in the context of a certain world picture reveals itself as a knowledge formed in the process of choosing from an infinite number of variants. The view of the theory of information from the standpoint of human perception can, in the final result, be more fruitful as opposed to the view of man from position of computer associations.
Key words: psychology of perception, information, knowledge, spiritual traditions.

Shepet'ko Ye.V.

Archetypes of Socionics

Not only psychological, but also archetypical contents is found in the socionics types proposed by Aushra Augustinavichiute, which is expressed through the type pseudonym having the properties of numinosity, mythology and entelecheia.
Key words: socionics, psychological type, type pseudonym, archetype, C.G.Jung.

Socionic Methods

Shulman G.A.

Sixteen Sixteenths

Sources of Aushra Augustinavichiute's Socionics, primary concepts of the informational metabolism typology, structure of psyche of the socionic types, its components, elements of relationship typology, psychological portraits of the types, and rules of survival.
Key words: Socionics, personality psychology, psychological types, psyche functions, psyche structure, informational flow aspects, extroversion, introversion, rationality (judgment), irrationality (perception), thinking (logic), feeling (ethic), sensation, intuition, structure of the psyche according to Jung's model, intertype relationships, structure of intertype relationships, psyche informational model.

Socionic Portraits

Aushra Augustinavichute

Denomination of the Intuitive-Logical Extratim

Detailed description of the intuitive-logical extratim (IL, ILE) using the A-model.
Key words: type of informational metabolism, A-model, socionics, Ego, SuperEgo, Id, SuperId.


Nebykova S.I.

Psychological Modeling. On the Firm Ground of Two Models

Principles of psychological modeling using socionics psyche models are considered. Possibility of their application is demonstrated by the example of family relations. Perspectives of application of psychological modeling in various spheres of human activities are described.
Key words: socionics, psychological modeling, model, type, intertype relationships.

In the end of the Issue

Mironov V.V.

A Fairy Tale about the Socion

The author expresses in figurative form his ideas on the laws of socionics, including the law of quadral succession. Roles of the types in the Socion are metaphorically described.
Key words: socionics, the Socion, socionics type.