Psychology and Socionics
of interpersonal relationships

Journal’s readership would be able to take a profound look into the psychology of a partner / interlocutor, comprehend the mysteries of interpersonal attitudes, human psychology and individuality. The publication features the best classic and contemporary papers on psychology, socionics and allied sciences:

  • psychological complementarities and compatibilities of human beings;
  • typology and psychology of personality;
  • scientific prognostication of interpersonal relationships development;
  • intra-family problems;
  • children’s age-specific development, upbringing and education;
  • conflict management;
  • choosing life partner;
  • informational structure of human psyche;
  • psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, personality problem solving;
  • historical and socio-political problems;
  • mentality of societies, ethnicities and states, objective laws of their interactions;
  • instructional materials on socionics and psychology.

Target audience: everyone interested in psychology, self-actualization, self-development, problems of interpersonal attitudes and relations, nurture and education; psychologists, sociologists, teachers/educators, social workers, HR and PR specialists, tutors and students of higher educational establishments (colleges, universities, etc.)


Journal is registered by Ministry of Press and Information of Ukraine 6/19/2002
Registration Number 6251, series KB

Editorial Board:

  • Dr.A.V.Bukalov, Editor-in-Chief, (Kiev);
  • Dr.S.I.Churyumov (Kiev);
  • Dr.G.V.Chykyrysova (Kiev);
  • Dr.E.A.Donchenko (Kiev);
  • Dr.A.M.Eljashevich (Saint Petersburg);
  • Dr.V.V.Gulenko (Kiev);
  • Dr.O.B.Karpenko (Kiev);
  • Dr.I.Yu.Litvinenko (Zaporozhye);
  • Dr.V.V.Meged' (Kiev);
  • Dr.S.I.Nebykova (Moskow);
  • Dr.N.A.Prilepskaya (Kamensk-Uralskiy);
  • Dr.T.N.Prokofieva (Moskow);
  • Dr.G.R.Reinin (Saint Petersburg);
  • Dr.G.A.Shulman (Kiev);
  • Dr.V.P.Stratievskaya (Saint Petersburg);
  • Dr.V.D.Yermak (Kiev).


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